Online Marketing Help for Professionals

PoMo Media is based in Toronto, and offers online marketing help help to professionals and nonprofit organizations. We are experts in coaching people to set up and expertly manage their own social media and online advertising campaigns.
Online marketing does not need to be complicated or expensive. With the right coaching you can do it for yourself.

When your business is you,  you are the person most qualified to represent your business online. With the right coaching you can manage your own online marketing campaigns. And you’ll do it better (and for less money) than anyone else can!

At PoMo Media we are passionate about helping professionals choose and use the social media and online marketing platforms most suited to their needs. We’ll help you get maximum online traction with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Learn how to manage your business social media accounts. Learn how you can manage your own online advertising campaigns (without breaking the bank). Get expert help with search engine visibility, blogging, and websites. Contact us now

Online Marketing for Professionals

Social Media Help

Social Media Buttons, Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedInWe’ll help you set up and use only the platforms that are exactly the right fit for your requirements. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Blogging, take advantage of the benefits of social media marketing.  Learn more.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook AdsThere is a reason that Facebook just reported earnings of $1.69 per share on revenue of nearly $12 billion dollars in Q1 of 2018. Despite a recent spate of negative publicity, Facebook remains an incredibly effective platform for reaching the exact people that businesses of every size and type are looking to connect with. PoMo Media will help you set up and manage a campaign that will exceed your expectations without ever exceeding your budget.

PPC – Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising

Google AdWords buttonPay per click advertising on search engines like Google is a great way to put you and your organization  in front of the right people. PoMo Media can help you set up a campaign that works for you and your organization. Learn More.

Websites and Email

Are you still using a Gmail, Yahoo, Rogers or email address? You are a professional. Your email address and website URL should look professional .
Ask us about our microsite total web presence package.


LinkedIn as a Blogging Platform. Better than a Blog?

LinkedIn blogging might be the most underutilized feature of the world’s leading business to business social media platform. Its utility as the best social media platform for business and professional advancement is already well established. Whether looking to build your credibility and authority among business to business (B2B) contacts, or to increase your visibility among …