The Secret to Successful Blogging

Every successful blogger knows that there is one secret factor that every successful blog shares. No blog can succeed without knowing this secret.

What's the big secret?

So, What’s the big secret?

Well, I’m going to share it with you now, so that you too will be “in on it”. The secret consists of only a single word. DISCIPLINE.

Discipline, or more accurately, self-discipline, is the difference between having a blog that works for your business, and continues to engage your stakeholders – vs. having a blog that just stagnates online and falls further and further down search engine rankings.

Notice, that I didn’t say, “hard work”, “great writing”, or “technical proficiency”. These are all things that can make blogging easier and more effective, but none of these things, or the 50 other things that can lead to blog success, will make any difference if you don’t have the discipline to post regularly to your blog.

What do I mean by “post regularly”?

That depends on your business and your blog. In an ideal world, in which the typical self-employed business person has lots of extra time available, regular posting would mean posting a new blog article every day. But let’s assume that you (and me too for that matter!) are not blessed with unlimited spare time—that we actually have businesses to run and families to spend time with—what’s really reasonable?

In the real wold we want to post something new to our blogs on a weekly basis. The bare minimum to keep a blog “alive” is monthly blog posts.

As an aside, one of the core services that I offer is a “keep-alive” package that includes daily Tweets and a monthly blog post. Contact me to arrange this.

The weekly (or if you are really pressed for time, monthly) blog post is where the secret comes in. It is impossible to maintain a consistent blogging schedule if you don’t actually schedule the time to do it!

The secret is discipline, and the secret to discipline is scheduling the time in your calendar to sit down and write. I’ve posted elsewhere on this blog, some tips to help you write blog posts, even when you are feeling pressed for content ideas. There is always something that you can write about, and remember, not every blog post has to be (nor should it be) a sales pitch.  But you won’t have a blog at all if you don’t actually blog.

Pick a day of the week. Pick a time of that day. Don’t “pencil it in”—carve it in stone! Who knows where a bit more self-discipline could lead you? But at the very least, you will end up with a blog containing new content for your customers, clients, suppliers—and for Google search engine optimization.