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PoMo = Postmodernism. A general and wide-ranging term which is applied to literature, art, philosophy, architecture, fiction, and cultural and literary criticism, among others. Postmodernism is largely a reaction to the assumed certainty of scientific, or objective, efforts to explain reality.

PoMo Media is owned and operated by Allan Revich in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My mission is to help people  succeed by using inbound social media marketing to maximize their ROI of both time and money.

My passion is helping  people to independently manage their social media in a way that provides maximum impact while still allowing them to concentrate on the things that matter most.

PoMo Media offers consulting, training and coaching to individuals and organizations in Toronto (and online anywhere) who want to take control of their own online social media efforts. We help people use blogging and social media marketing platforms that they can manage independently, while also providing an enduring resource whenever help is needed. Our services can save you or organization thousands of dollars by giving you the tools to independently manage your own social media accounts.

About Me (Allan Revich)

I love what I do. More importantly, I have a genuine passion for sharing what I have learned. And while I know that I work in a crowded field, I see myself almost (but not quite) as a kind of “knight in shining armour” – helping hardworking people navigate a world full of bafflegab, BS, and misinformation so that they can reap the rewards of blogging and social media marketing without breaking the bank, or their heads!

A brief autobiography
Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I graduated the University of Toronto, where after four years of study I was awarded my Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Psychology and Fine Art.

After graduation I worked and travelled and had adventures. I’ve been a dairy farmer on an Israeli kibbutz, a hotelier and factory hand on another kibbutz, and I spent two years as an Israeli soldier in the elite NAHAL unit of the IDF. I’ve also worked retail (as a yacht outfitter), been a bookkeeper and an audit technician, and a salesman. In the late 1980s and early 1990s I worked for the Royal Bank of Canada. First in the credit card division, then lending and investment sales, and finally in branch management.

When I realized that banking was not for me, I went back to school and learned to be a desktop publisher. I worked for a while doing freelance graphic design, eventually deciding that I enjoyed working with the design technology as much as design itself. This led me to a stint at IBM, and that launched me into my next career, twenty years of computer information technology support, the last eighteen spent at the University of Toronto.

During my tenure at U of T I earned a Masters degree (M.Ed.) in Adult Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto. While I was working at the university I also developed a strong interest in blogging and social media marketing. I built quite a few blogs. First for fun, just for myself. Then for friends and family, and finally for people just like you. And because of my IT background, I immersed myself in the underlying technology. And that in turn led to blogging with purpose and for business reasons. When you check out my portfolio you will get a good idea of the kind of work you can expect. You are also welcome to read a few testimonials from satisfied clients.

Allan Revich, M.Ed., Social Media Help for Solopreneurs and Self-employed professionals
Allan Revich, M.Ed.

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