5 Blog Problems and how to Deal with Them

Starting a blog is fun and exciting. As we start writing posts, and putting our brilliant ideas out into the ether of the Internet, we wait with baited breath for the first comments and kudos to start rolling in. We wait. And wait some more.

Then frustration and insecurity begin to cloud our happy excitement.

Are we perhaps, not as brilliant as we thought we were? Are we doing something wrong? Did we offend the Google Gods somehow?

All of the above questions represent possibilities. But, more likely, we have not done anything wrong. We are just being too impatient. So the number one way to deal with our blogging problems is to just be patient! Keep writing. Keep posting.

In this fabulous article from Vandelay Design, Steven Snell identifies five common problems, and discusses the best way to address each one.

  1. No Visitor Comments
  2. Not Enough Visitor Traffic
  3. Blogging Without Purpose
  4. Visitors are not Returning
  5. No Revenue Generation


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