Does my small business need a blog?

Every business needs a blog. And here’s why:

Establish yourself as a knowledge leader. Blogging is the perfect platform for sharing knowledge and passion with the people will benefit from it. A blog is good for you, good for your customers, and good for business. Blogging is an affordable and cost effective marketing tool for businesses of every size and type.

7 Benefits of Blogging

  1. Blogging builds businesses. A blog is as important today as website was a decade ago, or as a Yellow Pages listing was thirty years ago.
  2. Blogging helps us uncover our strengths and clarifies our own thoughts, and improves our ability to express them.
  3. A blog serves as a repository of knowledge. Your clients are not the only people that can benefit from an organized and searchable knowledge base. You can also revisit past posts for refreshing your memory!
  4. Being a blogger demonstrates expertise. People like to deal with experts. Your blog is your portfolio of expertise.
  5. Search engines like blogs. Search engines now favor sites that contain high quality data – information that is current, fresh, and relevant. Blogging means that you are constantly increasing both the quantity and quality of content on your website.
  6. A blog is the critical core of every online, inbound marketing campaign. Your blog contains all of the high protein ‘meat’ of the marketing meal plan. It serves as the base station of your online and social media marketing campaign.
  7. Blogging allows for community building with your stakeholders, including, customers, potential customers, related businesses, the public at large, even competitors. Being at the heart of a community has always served small businesses well. From sponsoring the local Little League, to supporting local charities, community building is good for business, good for ourselves, and good for society. Online communities are as important as local “real-world” communities. Blogging fosters community.

Need more than 7 reasons? Here are 50 more! (OK, they aren’t all gems, but if you needed more reasons after the seven really good ones that I just gave you, well this fellow [Marcus Sheridan] came up with 50)

Geez! You need even more reasons to blog? Here are 15 more good ones that are NOT just about marketing, business, and selling.

BTW, When you have enough reasons, and you agree that your business needs a blog—Contact Me.

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