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This article focuses on “micro-blogging”, specifically the 140 character limited, microblog platform, Twitter.

Most of what I write in this blog has to do with what I’ll call “Blog Blogging”—that is, writing about posting articles on a traditional blog, like those that I build for my clients.

Following, are some of my favorite Twitter tips for maximizing your microblogging impact.
Tweet Frequency:

Aim for two tweets, twice per day. That’s fairly easy to accomplish by doing one “original” tweet plus one retweet, in the morning – and then doing the same in the afternoon or early evening. Tweeting more than this is better, with the important proviso, that overdoing it to the point that the only Tweets in your followers’ feeds are yours, will result in you being “blocked” or “muted”.


Retweet Other People’s Content:

Scroll through your feed, choose an interesting tweet from someone you’d like to increase your connection strength with. Then just click “retweet”.


Tweet Original Content:

  • Quick ‘quip’ (an idea or thought that you think your followers might find helpful)
  • A link to your most recent blog post
  • A link to a previous blog post
  • A link to a useful article posted on another site
  • It is more than OK to post links to older blog posts. It’s a great way to get more value out of work you’ve already done
  • It’s OK to post a link to a competitor’s article, not too frequently, but once in a while. Hopefully they’ll either reciprocate, or at least give you a ‘mention’ in their Twitter feed.


When to Tweet

I’ve read a few different articles about this, and looked at some graphs. Audiences are biggest in the workday mornings, and early afternoon. The most popular time to tweet is during the typical workday hours. Somewhat counter-intuitively, the best time to tweet for maximum engagement and click-through is actually around 1 to 2 AM!

(data here:


Personally, I try to Tweet every morning, and then again every evening after dinner. My thinking being that, people open their Twitter feeds when they arrive at work, turn on computers, and start checking email etc. Then, after dinner, they’re sitting at the TV with their phones or tablets in their hands.


Final Thoughts
Your goals on Twitter, are similar to your goals when blogging.

  • Add Value
  • Think of marketing potential
  • Consider SEO (links to your website and blog)

Final Final Thought

Add value. Add value. Add value.

If we want people to follow us, and more importantly remember and follow through with us, we need to provide a reason for them to do so.

Remember, all of my blog building packages include FREE Twitter setup and blog integration too!

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