Websites for Professionals: Blog vs. Microsite

Self-employed professionals, and people managing professional practices, are being bombarded with advice about websites, bloggingsocial media marketing, and SEO. Through all the chaos and fog, it’s become clear that some sort of social media presence is now a basic requirement and that some sort of website is an absolute “must”. This post will offer help in choosing what sort of web presence makes the most sense for your professional practice.

Bigger organizations today all have big, multi-function websites. Websites with multiple components, sub-sites, blogs, and even micrositeswith separate URLs ( web addresses) that serve specific niche requirements. While it would be nice of your professional practice had time and resources for a major website, most self-employed professionals will not be able to match the resources of bigger organizations. For the typical professional the choice will come down to either a blog or a microsite.

Microsite:  a website that is either built on a single web page, or a website with only a few web pages,

Blog or Microsite, Which is Better?

I’ll be blunt. A blog is better than a microsite. But…

A microsite might be better for you!

Why is a blog better, and why might a microsite be better for you anyway?

A Blog is Better Because:

  • A blog is your very own private publishing platform.
  • Publish whatever you want, whenever you want to.
  • A blog has frequent updates with new content published regularly.
  • Blog content can be reused and recycled
  • A blog provides content for other social media platforms.
  • Blogging allows opportunities for outbound links to reputable resources.
  • Blogging provides content that other website may wish to link to
  • Having a blog gives you huge SEO (search engine advantages) because search engines like Google are known to prioritize things like content freshness, outbound link quantity and quality, the number and quality of inbound links.
  • Blog articles build your authority as an expert in your field.

Then why wouldn’t every professional have a blog?

Despite all the advantages, blogging has one huge disadvantage over a microsite. Writing for a blog takes time and mental energy. Lots of it. Unless you are prepared to write at least one blog article every month (and probably several articles in the first few months) blogging is not your best option. A stale blog can actually have disadvantages. Visitors to a blog that has only one or two posts, or posts that are years old, may believe that you are no longer in business, or no longer care about your business. 

A Microsite Might Be Better Anyway Because:

For our purposes we are defining a microsite as a website that is either built on a single web page, or a website with only a few web pages, that are mostly static (page content is updated only when necessary). For many self-employed professionals a microsite will be all they need. It may not be as powerful a marketing tool as a blog but it still offers a lot of “bang for the buck”.

  • Custom URL (
  • Websites offer an easy way for people to find and contact you online
  • Links to your social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • A useful address to link back to from your social media accounts, especially if your posts have a “contact me” call to action.
  • SEO advantages. Move your social media accounts up in search engine rankings, and make sure that people that “Google” your name or service find your website.
  • Once it has been established, a microsite requires very little additional work to maintain.
  • A microsite is the least expensive means to having a professional web presence.

There you go! 7 reasons why a microsite might be better for you, even if a blog is the better marketing tool!

Microsite Sample

Sample website at porservs.caYou will find our own sample microsite at This site would serve the needs of a self-employed professional, like a lawyer, mediator, or real estate agent.

Contact me to talk about online solutions for your professional practice. I’ve helped lawyers, mediators, arbitrators, real estate professionals, and others. I’d love the opportunity to help you too.






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